Soul-pop artist, Clinton Washington, spent years singing and attracting audiences in different major U.S. cities before finally being introduced to the world via NBC’s The Voice last year (Season 8). Originally from Arkansas, Clinton lived in Texas, Nashville, Pennsylvania, and New York City, honing his songwriting and working to build a following. After appearing on The Voice, he set out to write and record is debut release, Clinton. His stunning LP forces listeners to completely rethink modern pop vocals, all while taking them through the phases of a tumultuous relationship.

Wild emotion, unabashed honesty and attention to detail distinguish Clinton’s lyrics, which are just as refreshing as they are haunting. He brings each word to life with his truly singular voice. “Hearts Beat Loud” with its dreamy, ethereal verses and pounding chorus is a stunning example of the way Clinton’s music reflects each word he sings. The utter uniqueness of Clinton’s sound is derived from the balance it strikes between vulnerable, openhearted youthfulness and a refined acumen characteristic of more seasoned songwriters. This balance is exemplified by gospel-inspired track “Burned It Down”, which explores Clinton’s more soulful vocals and darker lyrical concepts.  The album’s signature ballad, piano-driven “Frozen”, is a reflection on a deteriorating relationship. The track’s sparse instrumentation lends itself to Clinton’s brilliant vocals and tender words.

In the wake of his appearance on The Voice, Clinton racked up millions of YouTube views for his live performances. You will, also, find write-ups of Clinton on JustJared, Kick Kick Snare, VENTS Magazine, and more. Check out his music on ITunes and Spotify, along with all major music distributors.